Privacy Policy

We understood that every client of the information have been collected and we are committed to protecting your privacy at any time when you visit our website web.non informaton will be transferred or used for other purposes.

1. personal information

"personal data" refers to the name, address, shipping address, e-mail, and phone number, etc. we collect personal information to process and ship your order and send for confirmation or sea shipping confirmation and updates through second objective is to identify how a particular individual, so that we can offer personalised services and promotion of updates, if necessary.

2.non personal information

in addition to personal data, we collect information to count your visits and the use of pages, including the ip address, browser information and reference site, domain, etc., so we can use all inforamtion to understand how customers and visitors are able to use the website. this kind of information may not be used for other purposes.


the cookies are a kind of small information file is sent to your computer and stored on your hard disk.biscotti help you use and other sites easily to store the information such as the pages you view, or maintain your account. you can change the settings on your browser to avoid cookies stored on your computer, and you can even cookies if it has already been stored on your computer.

4.altre information

it can gather more information such as the ip address which has access to the internet using it. it helps us understand the models to use the site, for example, the visit frequency, we collect and sometimes useful to provide a better service. policy change

please note that this policy constitutes an integral part of the site terms, and both parties are involved in this accordo.teniamo right to change this policy from time to volta.ogni amending this policy can cause the content to change this policy immediately after the publication online.non can inform if any change of this policy is to our if continue to use this website after the change, you will be deemed to agree with the you don't agree with the terms of this policy and changes in whole or in part, please do not use this web site.