The Terms and Conditions

please read the following carefully before shopping online, and you must understand that it is in agreement with the following conditions, if you continue to use the site web.se you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this site.

online shopping

the client must agree to the following conditions when you order the voguelists:

1.non make any order that has been placed by a person under 16 years of età.se you are under 16 years of age who do not create any account of this web site or submit the information in this sito.2.l'user must warrant that all information provided is true, accurate and complete, including billing and shipping address, and your recapiti.vi please remember that we are not responsible or not responsible for all of the information they provide.

the order of acceptance

we will send an order confirmation email shortly after your order was placed with successo.significa that we have received your order and ordered the products will be produced soon if you have received the order confirmation email.

method of payment and security

1.accettiamo all major credit cards and card payment of debito.2.voguelists.co don't keep your data pagamento. - payment is authorized by the bank on a page protetta.3.per please don't mail the payment information, as we cannot proceed to order by phone or by e-mail at this time.

provision of information

1.vi please note that voguelists can't ensure / guarantee the specific shipping dates will depend on the particular destinations or products that the ordine.alcune times is measured with no more than 15 days for the delivery of domestic and 20 days for the next internazionale.hai ordered and the specific destinations

normal delivery is approximately 9 days after delivery by mail.

2.voguelists do not take any responsibility if any order lost in consegna.contatti club magazine for more information.

the terms of the offer

customer service is not subject to make sure that every order we sent will be soddisfatto.tuttavia, can ensure the merchandise displayed on the website and online advertising information is correct, the goods are the same objects that it receives.

return and refund

1.the customer may check the goods immediately after receiving his ordine.si confirm with us by e-mail to the first if any defects or damage found by solo.2.offriamo return and full refund in condition, if it's nostra.in this circumstance, please contact us within 60 days, if necessario.3.ricordate please make sure are in original condition, and all the objects included are such as, if you want to go back some repayment or scambio.4.cliente will be responsible for the damages if that is your fault caused the damage.

to delete

1.the client must contact voguelists via e-mail within 24 hours after your order, if you change your idea.altrimenti, we will continue to move forward, and the ship to you as soon possibile.2.se delivery has already been set up, the client must apply for the return and refund after the order without problemi.3.ci will order within 1 - 2 working days in case if you email us within 24 hours after your ordine.il reimbursement can up to 2 - 4 weeks to obtain because he made his order with a credit card.

in the field of law and justice

the terms and conditions referred to above are in accordance with applicable law and submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court, if necessary.